Expert Firearm Services Offered

South West Firearms and Gunsmithing offers a comprehensive range of expert services to meet all your firearm needs. With a team of experienced gunsmiths and access to top-quality tools and machinery, we are equipped to handle everything from repairs and maintenance to custom builds and firearm storage.

Expert Firearm Services Offered

Complete Firearm Services

Experience comprehensive firearm services with us, covering expert repairs, custom builds, thorough cleaning, secure storage, and even restoration of sentimental pieces. 

Gunsmithing and Repairs


Repairs and maintenance on your firearms couldn’t be easier with our in-house gunsmiths and access to many of the tools and machinery required. With decades of combined experience, most repairs and fault fixing are completed in our workshop.

Custom Firearm Builds


We have a long history of producing some spectacular custom firearms. Using match grade barrels such as Swan, Maddco, Bartlien and Krieger, combined with some high-quality actions such as Barnard, Stolle and Surgeon, we have created some fantastic builds.

Using some highly figured Walnut, Jarrah, Sheoak or Camphor Loral, we can produce some beautiful stocks. Alternatively, if you want to use a chassis system or pre produced stock we can do that as well.

Whether you want to build a Sporter / Hunter, an F Class or a varminting rifle, we can do it!

Firearm Cleaning and Servicing


Life gets pretty busy! We offer a cleaning and servicing service for those shooters that don’t have enough hours in the day. Complete solvent cleans and bore polishing will help keep your firearm in pristine condition.

Firearm Storage


If you are in between houses moving or going away on holiday, we offer a secure, cost-effective storage option for your firearms so you can rest easy knowing they are safe.

Firearm Restoration


If you have some older firearms that are of sentimental value, we offer a restoration service to give them a new lease on life. How far we go is up to you. However sometimes the firearms are beyond repair and we still hold them dear… We can also render these firearms innocuous allowing you to take them home and keep them as a keep’s sake.

Safety Awareness Test


The first step in obtaining a firearm license is completing a safety awareness test. That test can be sat in store. Upon passing that test we can issue you a Certificate of Awareness. Then you are on your way to your first firearm.

Who We Serve

Farming / Agricultural Sector

We’re proud to support farmers with essential tools for their livelihoods.

Recreational and Professional Shooters

Serving both recreational and professional shooters, we provide essential services.

Competition and Sporting Shooters

Competitive shooters in WA, spanning various disciplines, demand precision equipment.

New Shooters

We’re passionate about helping new shooters find their perfect firearms.

South West Firearms and Gunsmithing

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